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Hello, I am Lynn Ji

Data analyst with 7 years of experience in the TECH industry, transitioning to UX design with a passion for product design. Successfully contributed to projects
Google (Ads, Maps, Chromebook) and
UX Designer

Based in San Fransico

I believe data analysis can tell powerful stories, and I am passionate about crafting exceptional experiences for people through design.
-- 越干净越好
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Google Ads

home picture.png

Data Management Platform

Redesigning Google’s Data & Access Management Platform to help Google sellers to manage data with clients to increase Google Ads revenue.
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Goodwill - Rebranding

Home_Goodwill rebranding.png
Home_Goodwill rebranding mobile.png

Goodwill Rebranding

Revamping Goodwill's mission and visual identity to bridge the gap with the public, with a specific focus on promoting services and resources to help individuals boost their career. 
Goodwill logo.png

Goodwill - Locator

Hom,e_Goodwill locator_desktop.png
Home_Goodwill locator _mobile.png

Locate A Career Center

Redesigning Goodwill Industries International Career Center Locator to leverage the website and mobile to highlight its free career services in different locations. 
Lynk-Co-Logo 1.png

Lynk 09

Lynk 09 氛围灯 Demo Home.png
Lynk 09 氛围灯 Demo Camp Mode Edit 7.png

Ambient Lighting System

Redesigning ambient light feature for Lynk 09 model infotainment system in the camping environment. 
Google-Maps-logo 1.png

Google Maps - DMV

Clay White.png
Home_Google maps_page2

DMV in Google Map?

Optimized DMV get-in-line function by leveraging built-in features from Google apps to enhance user experience and maximize efficiency.
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Labelling Accessibility

Developing an accessibility label for the Chromebook built-in camera app, ensuring smooth usability for disabled individuals.
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