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Redesigning Goodwill Org Site for Re-branding

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User interview reports

Information architecture map
UI UX design
Responsive mobile design


UX designer

Work with UX designers, PM @ Google;
Marketing management team @ Goodwill


13 weeks

Launched in Jan, 2023

Goodwill Industries International (GII) is known to most people as a thrift store or donation center, but it’s much more than that - it’s mission is to help individuals reach their full potential through the power of work. In 2020, Goodwill helped more than 120k people with job placement in industries such as banking, IT and health care.
Problem statement
Frame 3481.png

90% of people know the Goodwill brand,

however, only ~40% of those individuals are aware of Goodwill’s mission of career service.

Business goals

GII in business refers to the intangible value of a company’s reputation, customer loyalty, brand recognition, and other non-physical assets contributing to its overall value. In terms of business goals, building and maintaining goodwill can be an essential objective for companies that rely on customer trust and loyalty to succeed. Some specific goals related:

Business goal1

Building a strong brand:
Establishing a strong brand identity that resonates with customers and is associated with positive attributes such as quality, reliability, and innovation.

Business goal2.png

Deliver mission to the users:

Goodwill is known to most people as a thrift store or donation center, but it’s more than that - their mission is to help individuals reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.

Business goal3.png

Maintaining a good reputation:

Upholding a positive reputation in its industry and community by acting with integrity, being socially responsible, and engaging in ethical business practices.


The design team prioritized job seekers' needs when creating the design templates for both mobile and website, which were then applied to other sections of

  • I led Career Center Locator and Find the Job page redesigning for both website and mobile.

  • I co-worked on Landing and Job Home page for both website and mobile.

Understand our users from the primary research

By reviewing 10 user researches that were done by previously done by Goodwill at both national and regional/local level, we got understanding the users by serval dimensions:

Previous users results.png
Audit the current website

We audited the website especially for strategy of re-branding, and pay attention to the website positioning. We found out potential gaps in the current design that are not aligned with Goodwill’s business goals & success KPIs

Didn’t highlight Goodwill's mission: Compared to 90% overall brand awareness for Goodwill, only 40% of people are aware of Goodwill’s mission services. The users are hard to get to know that Goodwill has free job services.


When people visit us, they should know this is why you should care about the people we serve and why you should be part of it.


-- Goodwill CEO

Goodwill home page.png
Initial SS.png

Chaos structures:
By showcasing Goodwill’s unique attributes that set it apart from its competitors. Some features highlighted on the website (e.g. Amazon job board) can be found elsewhere more efficiently and may distract users from accomplishing the desired actions.

Lack of effective call-to-action buttons:
Users can easily get lost and confused about the next steps. Not to mention that the population that Goodwill serves tends to be less tech-savvy. 

Goodwill job landing.png
Critical user journey workshop to get know job hunting stages

Since some of those studies that Goodwill provided can be outdated, and different stakeholders could have different understandings of the users, we worked together with Goodwill to conduct a two-day workshop to align & define what is most important to our users and the user journey to achieve that goal.

  • User role: As s job seeker

  • User goal: I want to get hired immediately with the best paying job I’m qualified with

  • Context: Because my time is limited and I want to better provide for my family

  • Tasks:

    • ​“What kinds of help Goodwill can provide for my job search & career growth?”

    • “How can I get in-person career support from Goodwill career center?”

    • “How can I submit job application online?”

  • 3 lightning talk sessions 

  • 20+ Participants 

  • 4 facilitators

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 12.13 1.png

We make the affinity map to get 4 stages of the job hunting. To align with the Goodwill mission and services that they can provide and re-branding goals, we decided to focus on Discovery, Prepare and Engage stages.

  • Discovery: According to Goodwill career services, we need to help job seekers get to know how can find qualified jobs, the skills they need to improve to find the jobs, and so on. And we also need to figure out the resources.

  • Prepare: How can Goodwill help job seekers? This is one of the questions also from users. No matter online classes, articles or communities, the users need to get quick to know how these resources can help them to get jobs quickly.

  • Engage: After preparing and getting to know all the processes, how the job seekers can contact Goodwill in-person career consular? And after contacting, what kind of services that career advisors can help?

Competitive analysis

We presented 20+ competitors’ website with Goodwill to share industry's best practices and learnings. Through the review sessions, we discussed on what good design means for Also collect the stakeholders’ requests on website design.

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 3.17 1.png

Through analyzing these websites, we found some keywords: Clear, Welcoming, and Consistent.

How might we redesign the website to raise awareness for Goodwill’s mission services, and create an experience that makes it easy for job seekers to get help from Goodwills?
Information architecture

Before we explored the design inspirations, we redesign the information architecture first. The navigation bar should be leveraged to enhance users’ understanding of an organization’s mission and services. It’s hard to tell that Goodwill can help users find a job from its current navigation. 

Initial AI.png
  • It’s hard to tell that Goodwill can help users find a job from its current navigation. 

​After we redesign the navigation bar:

Redesign the main menu title with the name of users to let them know where to find the information they want at first glance real quick.

  • "How We Work with You": to give introduce to users what services Goodwill has to help boost careers, and clear to-dos.

  • "Locate a Career Center": to guide users to find a career center quickly and understand what to do next.

  • "Find a Job": to help users to get a great opportunity at Goodwill. 

  • "Career Resources": to display to users all resources including self-assessment, online classes, articles, and guidances for next. 

  • "Success Stories": to give positive and inspired experiences from users who get jobs by being helped by Goodwill.

New AI.png
Concept Development & Review

From sketching (rapid, freehand drawing) to wire-framing (designing the basic structure of the website), we explored different ideas & concepts before moving forward to the hi-fidelity prototyping with finer details

Landing Page

Homepage Wireframe.png

Job Home page

Job Homepage.png
Final Design

We redesigned the pages of job sessions focused on the 3 problems based on users' journey and try to make the website clear, welcoming and consistent. Here are some examples which are fully designed and co-designed by me:

1. Landing Page

Highlight the missions
With this redesign, we aimed to help close this gap by highlighting Goodwill’s free, personalized career programs for job seekers.

Goodwill home page.png
Final Design_Landing_Comments.png

2. Menu & Fina A Job Page

Bring structure
We tried to bring a clear Information architecture (IA) to the design and classify the content in an accessible, understandable manner.

Initial Menu
final menu.png
Initial Find jobs
Final fina a job_comments.png

3. Job Seekers Home Page

Effective call-to-actions
With this design, we put clear call-to-action buttons to direct users, while allowing the website to effectively achieve the critical goal of sending program leads to local Goodwills.

Initial job homepage.png
Final Job home_Annotation.png

4.Locate a Career Center Tool

See my NEXT PROJECT, please. 

Responsive Design - Mobile

A major issue with the current website was its lack of responsiveness to devices. Knowing from our research that our user base consisted of an older segment more comfortable with their phones. it was crucial for us to create a a responsive design. I was responsible for translating our desktop designs into a mobile prototype that adequately utilized the shrink screen real estate while maintaining our guiding principles of simplicity and scannability.

Will put a prototype video here. 
Usability study approach & participants

Knowing from our usability testing that our user base consisted of an older segment more comfortable with their phones. it was crucial for us to create a responsive design. 

  • Tested on 2 devices (desktop, mobile)

  • 6 job seekers users (recruited by 3P vendors)

  • 6 core tasks 

  • Team: 4 researchers, 1 Designer, 2 PgMs

1. Participants could easily browse and explore content

Participants found the design intuitive and easy to understand. They successfully explored the homepage, browse career resources, locate a Goodwill career center near them, and find jobs at Goodwill.

2. Participants found the information helpful
Participants appreciated salary range information and preferred getting in touch with Goodwill directly to speak with someone about career service offerings.

3. Some users were not compelled by Success Stories
While some participants appreciated the presence of success stories, others thought that this was just corporate speak and were less interested. Participants mentioned including a searchable index of stories to filter on specific themes (e.g. Prison, GED etc)

​4.  Participants were not fully aware of Goodwill job placement and career services
While most participants were able to easily use and navigate the prototype, some were unclear if the jobs would be affiliated to a position in a Goodwill store/corporate or would be in the general job market.


1. Design thinking, broader business perspective - essential for growth

I have learned the importance of thinking big. It is essential to consider stakeholders' and teammates' unique perspectives and needs. And also Embrace Change: Be willing to adapt and evolve with changing market trends and technologies. Embracing change allows you to stay relevant and seize new opportunities.

2. Great communication brings success

Regardless of the way you collaborate with your team, communication is crucial. Before every communication, it is essential to define the purpose, clarify the requirements, specify the kind of assistance and resources needed from the team, and explore how to spark creativity and execute effectively during the collaboration.

3. Balance the requests from users’ and stakeholders’

A product design cannot possibly satisfy the needs of everyone. It is essential to focus on the key users and meet their requirements. However, it is equally important to consider meeting the needs of the stakeholders and design from the company's perspective. The process of balancing and trade-offs during this journey is critical.

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